About Us

For nearly two decades, Chesapeake Glazing has been the Mid-Atlantic’s
choice for building envelope design and installation.

“We don’t just do our part and leave. Clients look to us for input from day one until project completion.”

Mike O’Neal

Vice President

We specialize in the production and installation of commercial windows, storefronts, and curtain walls across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Glazing is a unique, highly specialized industry that requires an expert understanding of how building enclosure systems integrate with the larger construction. We approach our work strategically and holistically, delivering ideal solutions thanks to a few key components of our process:

Superior Operations
All estimating, project management, and fabrication is conducted in-house, allowing us to provide unmatched excellence in a timely manner.

Strong Partnerships
We’re focused on building long-lasting partnerships with clients, contractors, and employees.

A Commitment to Safety
Whether in our fabrication shop or on project sites, safety is a top priority for our products, personnel, and procedures

Adding Value from Day One

When it comes to project timelines, we value early collaboration with partners and clients. Participating in the design assistance phase allows us to work as a team and to develop solutions that achieve the design intent, while also being functionally sound. As a result, we regularly see reductions in construction costs and time, improved constructability, and overall added value.

Fabrication Shop

Our in-house fabrication shop allows us to more precisely control the quality of our products and the timelines for production. Within our shop, our team of trained fabricators work closely with project managers and clients to build work that is functional, durable, and unique.

High quality fabrication — that’s what the industry and customers demand today, and that’s exactly the standard we hold ourselves to at Chesapeake Glazing.

We stand out as the only NACC-certified glazing subcontractor in Maryland, reinforcing our commitment to professionalism and a superior end-product for our clients and partners. Learn more about the NACC certification here.

Our History

Founded in the late 90s

Chesapeake Glazing is founded as a glazing division under a general contractor.

With a primary focus on meeting client expectations and adhering to precise plans and specifications, we aim to deliver consistent high-quality installations on every single project.


Chesapeake Glazing made the strategic decision to establish itself as an independent subcontractor.

This move brought more autonomy, flexibility and the freedom to engage directly with various general contractors, opening up opportunities to expand their client base and forge new partnerships.


Recognizing the growth potential, Chesapeake Glazing strategically recruits top talent from the glazing industry.

This infusion of expertise leads to a significant boost in sales and revenue, enabling the company to take on larger projects and expand into new market sectors and geographic regions.

2013 – 2020

Chesapeake Glazing experiences a period of successful and steady growth, solidifying its position as a leading subcontractor in the Mid-Atlantic region.

They establish strong partnerships with major general contractors and consistently deliver safe, high-quality installations that meet the needs of their stakeholders.


Chesapeake Glazing undergoes a change in ownership as the company is sold to Mike O’Neal, who has been with the company since 2011 and brings extensive experience in the glazing industry.

Despite the ownership transition, Chesapeake Glazing remains committed to its core values and continues to prioritize the high standards that have contributed to its success.

2020 and beyond

Chesapeake is continually growing from being great trade partners and having high-quality projects.

We remain a trusted trade partner for general contractors, understanding their needs and delivering consistent quality installations on every project.